Server Rules

This is a general list of rules that are to be followed at all times:

  • Do NOT quit or pause to avoid anything.
    • Quitting or pausing during a fight is not allowed.  Players that quit or pause during a fight will be punished.
  • No Multiaccounting
    • Using multiple accounts is not allowed.  Using multiple accounts will cause all of your accounts to be permanently suspended or deleted.  If you do make a new account, you must cease the usage of your previous account.
  • No Bug Abuse
    • The only bug allowed to be used is C-Bugging.  Other bugs are not allowed to be exploited and / or abused for your advantaged.  Players that bug abuse will be punished.
  • No Advertising:
    • Do not advertise other servers / other server websites on our server.  This isn’t only disrespectful, it is wrong.  Players caught advertising will be banned.
  • No Farming:
    • Players caught gaining money, score, etc. from farming will be punished.
  • No Cheating:
    • Cheating doesn’t allow fair gameplay.  Players caught cheating will be banned.