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Build 153 / Halloween Update

Build 153 is live with the Halloween Update included.

Changes to the Halloween Update:

  • Pumpkins (Gifts) now spawn randomly in active cities (LS, LV, SF).
  • Only one city hosts gifts at a time.
  • At the end of the game day, the devil will pick up his gifts and move to another city to drop gifts.
  • [BOT]Devil can be found in the active city (he moves along with the gift dropping).
  • Added pets to suite the holiday event (they can only be received by gifts via admins, pumpkins, and [BOT]Devil.
  • Increased the gift drop amount (it will be increased more as Halloween gets closer).
  • Added new receivable gift types.

Other Changes:

  • Moved the teleport for 1v1 Crew Farm (/farm).
  • Added a minor delay when dropping a moneybag (/moneybag).
  • Increased the maximum cash you can have in your bank account.
  • Fixed a bug with giving house keys to other players.

Build 152

  • Changes that occurred in Build 152:
  • Attempted to fix a bug with the lighting of the Team Deathmatch Grounds (please report if the lighting bug still exists).
  • Fixed a bug with arenas randomly causing you to exit them on death.
  • Fixed a bug with /leave causing you to not fully leave an arena until you die the next time.Fixed a rare bug that caused the lotto number to sometimes be chosen as number 0.
  • Added a new animation to /slap.

Build 151

Build 151 is a bug fix / feature enhancement release.

What’s fixed / changed:

  • Church actors now provide services.
  • Lowered the cooldown for flipping people or corpses off (/foff).
  • You can now flip people off (/foff) in a duel.
  • Reworked the Command Spam Limiter (it should be less strict).
  • Reworked the logic of the Purchase Items Prices.
  • Fixed a bug with the Market Rate of Purchase Items going extremely high under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a few bugs relating to high server uptime.
  • Added an achievement for winning your first duel (players that already have done so will receive it after winning a duel).

Build 150

Build 150 is now on the server.

What’s new / changed:


  • Added /rcbaron to teleport to the RC Baron Dogfighting Arena.


  • Duels will always have a countdown on Round 1.
  • Disabling the duel countdown is not available for 1 Round Duels.


  • Added interest gaining to Bank Account Balances. You now gain interest on deposited money.
  • Increased the maximum bank account deposit balance to 50 million ($50,000,000).
  • Added a stat for Arms Race completion time.
  • Added the Arms Race completion time to /top.
  • Changed some of the vehicles that spawn in certain areas.
  • You can now buy armor inside of any ammunation.
  • You can remove weapons from your spawn loadout again by using /weapons or visiting any ammunation.
  • Changed some of the outputs of text replaced by using quickstrings.
  • Fixed a few broken radio station links in /radio. If you have suggestions for new radio links, post them on the forums!
  • Fixed a bug with using /leave in a non-TDM location.
  • Fixed a bug with respawning after duel spectating.
  • Fixed a bug with trying to join a group directly after leaving one.
  • Fixed a bug with trying to buy a house that was recently sold.
  • Increased the store clerk buy range a little bit.
  • When not in an arena or anywhere else, your default weapon on spawn is set to be the weapon in your shotgun weapon slot.
  • Fixed a minor bug with spawn protection in Weapon Arenas.
  • Fixed a lot of typos.
  • Fixed a few animations where they wouldn’t animate the player on the first attempt.
  • Fixed a lot of other minor bugs.

Build 149-R3

This is a revision update (R3) for Build 149 – Aug 8, 2019.

  • Adds an option to duels to disable the countdown when the duel round starts.
  • Enabled Lagshot for the weekend (You need to leadaim to deal damage to other players).

Build 150 should be done very soon!

Build 149-R2

This is a revision update (R2) for Build 149.

Changes / Fixes:

Fixed a bug with Chasity Belts automatically falling off after minutes of purchase instead of days.
Added more interior entrances / more actors to businesses.
Fixed a /sit animation bug.
Fixed a bug with House Passwords.
Added help messages to certain features. More will be added in the upcoming Build 150.
These can be disabled by using /settings.

This is mainly a bug fix / gap version backported from the upcoming Build 150.

Build 149

Build 149 contains the following:

Xoomer Mechanics:

  • Added mechanics to all Xoomer Gas Stations (great for vehicle fights).

Market Changes:

  • Adjusted the prices of all purchasable items.
  • Added a containment structure for the prices of items.


  • Fixed a bug dealing with animations.
  • Added a check to the Arms Race to validate the weapon used to kill the enemy.
  • Map Icon streaming has been readded.
  • Added an Xoomer Garage to Dry Lake.
  • Fixed a few minor issue with the clothes system.
  • Fixed a lot of other issues.

Build 148

Build 148 is now on the server.

What’s new / changed:

Arms Race Arena:

  • Added an Arms Race Arena (Gun Game).
  • You can access it by using /ar.
  • There are 13 different weapons you must progress through.
  • You must get 2 kills with each weapon to progress to the next weapon.
  • The order you progress through the weapons is completely random.


  • Added a setting to completely disable all model preview textdraws.
  • Added a setting to purchase a lotto number automatically (for 2x the cost of using /lotto – convenience pays).
  • Added account settings to /settings – Some of the options will be made available in a future update.
  • Fixed a few settings displaying Off when they should say On and vise versa.


  • Added /givedrugs to give drugs to other players.
  • Added a minor cooldown for players that like to constantly enter / exit interiors while shooting.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to get a random lotto number a player already picked.
  • Adjusted the starting and maximum lotto jackpot amounts.
  • Enabled every skin id for use except for special skins.

Build 147

Build 147 is now on the server.  This is mainly a bug fix / feature change update.

Kill Streaks;

  • Redid the entire kill streak system.
  • Removed the Partial Kill Streaks, Rampages, and Massacres.
  • Kill Streaks are now noted in multiples of 3 (3, 6, 9, 12, etc).
  • Kill Streaks now start at 3 kills.
  • For each level of 3 kills, you now receive more cash per streak level.
  • For players that now kill a player on a kill streak, the cash awarded is now based on what their kill streak was.


  • Re-added /weapons to change your weapons.
  • Replaced some vehicles with other vehicle models.
  • Fixed a bug with /sit where it wouldn’t work instantly when exiting a vehicle.
  • Added missing game text info for /sit for players that have help messages enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with the Weapon Arenas where you would sometimes fall through the map or jump before spawning.
  • Fixed a bug with the saving of the Clothes Scale Size.
  • Removed a random spawn point in Tierra Robada that was causing random game crashes.


Build 146

Build 146 contains the following:

Bonus Player:

  • Entirely redid the Bonus Player Mission (its been the same since Version 1.0).
  • The Bonus Player Mission now goes on for a complete 2 minutes at a time.
  • A player is randomly selected upon start of the mission or if a player disconnects while being the bonus player.
  • For each kill you get while being the bonus player, you will receive extra score points and $5000.
  • If you kill the bonus player, you will receive money for killing the bonus player and you are the next bonus player.  You’ll then receive extra score points and $5000 per kill.
  • This is a repeating cycle until the Bonus Player Mission Ends.


  • Added new radio stations.
  • Removed a lot of radio streams that no longer worked.


  • Entirely redid the quickstring system.
  • A bunch of new quickstrings have been added.
  • Some existing quickstrings now display different data than before.
  • A few quickstrings have been changed to be shorter.
  • A full list of quickstrings can be found here.


  • Added /teleport [/tele] (Teleport Name) to teleport to a location by name.


  • Fixed a bug with the teleport listings in /commands.
  • Fixed a bug with the Team Deathmatch system.
  • Fixed a bug with /goto not teleporting you to another player.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.