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Lagshot Event

Once again, we’ve enabled lag shooting for the weekend!

Keep in mind the following will not work:

  • Shooting at the skin (you must lead-aim on targets).
  • C-Bug challenge is disabled during the duration of this event (due to the way SA-MP works).

This event will run through the end of Sunday night.


Server Script Versioning

Hi guys,

Just a heads up, we’re abandoning the Major.Minor build number versioning.

In the future, server updates will come with the following update versioning:

Build ### where ### is the build number.

As of the current version, this is Build 139, so Build 140 will be the next release.

New IP Address

Hi guys,

I’ve changed the server host to fix the issues dealing with timeouts, etc.

The new IP Address is:

You can also access the server by using: