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Lagshot Event

Once again, we’ve enabled lagshooting on the server for the rest of the week.

Keep in mind, skin shooting will not damage moving players. You must lead aim to give damage.

Have Fun!

Build 154

Build 154 contains the following:

Discord Integration:

  • Added discord integration to the server.
  • Use !cmds in any discord channel to view the current commands.
  • !say can only be used in the server-echo channel.
  • More features to come soon.


  • Added /duelbet to bet on a duel (Note: you cannot place bets on one round duels or after the first round).
  • Added Shot (Hit / Miss) Percentages to show when the duel is over.

Bug Fixes / Other:

  • Fixed a bug with randomly leaving arenas.
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong player winning the Red Zone event.
  • Fixed a bug with 2 players winning the arms race at the same time.
  • Player dropped moneybags can no longer be picked up after being dropped (changes to player dropped moneybags in the prior version were reverted to the way it was in previous versions).
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Build 153 / Halloween Update

Build 153 is live with the Halloween Update included.

Changes to the Halloween Update:

  • Pumpkins (Gifts) now spawn randomly in active cities (LS, LV, SF).
  • Only one city hosts gifts at a time.
  • At the end of the game day, the devil will pick up his gifts and move to another city to drop gifts.
  • [BOT]Devil can be found in the active city (he moves along with the gift dropping).
  • Added pets to suite the holiday event (they can only be received by gifts via admins, pumpkins, and [BOT]Devil.
  • Increased the gift drop amount (it will be increased more as Halloween gets closer).
  • Added new receivable gift types.

Other Changes:

  • Moved the teleport for 1v1 Crew Farm (/farm).
  • Added a minor delay when dropping a moneybag (/moneybag).
  • Increased the maximum cash you can have in your bank account.
  • Fixed a bug with giving house keys to other players.

Build 152

  • Changes that occurred in Build 152:
  • Attempted to fix a bug with the lighting of the Team Deathmatch Grounds (please report if the lighting bug still exists).
  • Fixed a bug with arenas randomly causing you to exit them on death.
  • Fixed a bug with /leave causing you to not fully leave an arena until you die the next time.Fixed a rare bug that caused the lotto number to sometimes be chosen as number 0.
  • Added a new animation to /slap.

Build 151

Build 151 is a bug fix / feature enhancement release.

What’s fixed / changed:

  • Church actors now provide services.
  • Lowered the cooldown for flipping people or corpses off (/foff).
  • You can now flip people off (/foff) in a duel.
  • Reworked the Command Spam Limiter (it should be less strict).
  • Reworked the logic of the Purchase Items Prices.
  • Fixed a bug with the Market Rate of Purchase Items going extremely high under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a few bugs relating to high server uptime.
  • Added an achievement for winning your first duel (players that already have done so will receive it after winning a duel).

Build 150

Build 150 is now on the server.

What’s new / changed:


  • Added /rcbaron to teleport to the RC Baron Dogfighting Arena.


  • Duels will always have a countdown on Round 1.
  • Disabling the duel countdown is not available for 1 Round Duels.


  • Added interest gaining to Bank Account Balances. You now gain interest on deposited money.
  • Increased the maximum bank account deposit balance to 50 million ($50,000,000).
  • Added a stat for Arms Race completion time.
  • Added the Arms Race completion time to /top.
  • Changed some of the vehicles that spawn in certain areas.
  • You can now buy armor inside of any ammunation.
  • You can remove weapons from your spawn loadout again by using /weapons or visiting any ammunation.
  • Changed some of the outputs of text replaced by using quickstrings.
  • Fixed a few broken radio station links in /radio. If you have suggestions for new radio links, post them on the forums!
  • Fixed a bug with using /leave in a non-TDM location.
  • Fixed a bug with respawning after duel spectating.
  • Fixed a bug with trying to join a group directly after leaving one.
  • Fixed a bug with trying to buy a house that was recently sold.
  • Increased the store clerk buy range a little bit.
  • When not in an arena or anywhere else, your default weapon on spawn is set to be the weapon in your shotgun weapon slot.
  • Fixed a minor bug with spawn protection in Weapon Arenas.
  • Fixed a lot of typos.
  • Fixed a few animations where they wouldn’t animate the player on the first attempt.
  • Fixed a lot of other minor bugs.

Build 149-R3

This is a revision update (R3) for Build 149 – Aug 8, 2019.

  • Adds an option to duels to disable the countdown when the duel round starts.
  • Enabled Lagshot for the weekend (You need to leadaim to deal damage to other players).

Build 150 should be done very soon!

Build 149-R2

This is a revision update (R2) for Build 149.

Changes / Fixes:

Fixed a bug with Chasity Belts automatically falling off after minutes of purchase instead of days.
Added more interior entrances / more actors to businesses.
Fixed a /sit animation bug.
Fixed a bug with House Passwords.
Added help messages to certain features. More will be added in the upcoming Build 150.
These can be disabled by using /settings.

This is mainly a bug fix / gap version backported from the upcoming Build 150.

Build 149

Build 149 contains the following:

Xoomer Mechanics:

  • Added mechanics to all Xoomer Gas Stations (great for vehicle fights).

Market Changes:

  • Adjusted the prices of all purchasable items.
  • Added a containment structure for the prices of items.


  • Fixed a bug dealing with animations.
  • Added a check to the Arms Race to validate the weapon used to kill the enemy.
  • Map Icon streaming has been readded.
  • Added an Xoomer Garage to Dry Lake.
  • Fixed a few minor issue with the clothes system.
  • Fixed a lot of other issues.