Build 153 / Halloween Update

Build 153 is live with the Halloween Update included.

Changes to the Halloween Update:

  • Pumpkins (Gifts) now spawn randomly in active cities (LS, LV, SF).
  • Only one city hosts gifts at a time.
  • At the end of the game day, the devil will pick up his gifts and move to another city to drop gifts.
  • [BOT]Devil can be found in the active city (he moves along with the gift dropping).
  • Added pets to suite the holiday event (they can only be received by gifts via admins, pumpkins, and [BOT]Devil.
  • Increased the gift drop amount (it will be increased more as Halloween gets closer).
  • Added new receivable gift types.

Other Changes:

  • Moved the teleport for 1v1 Crew Farm (/farm).
  • Added a minor delay when dropping a moneybag (/moneybag).
  • Increased the maximum cash you can have in your bank account.
  • Fixed a bug with giving house keys to other players.