Build 150

Build 150 is now on the server.

What’s new / changed:


  • Added /rcbaron to teleport to the RC Baron Dogfighting Arena.


  • Duels will always have a countdown on Round 1.
  • Disabling the duel countdown is not available for 1 Round Duels.


  • Added interest gaining to Bank Account Balances. You now gain interest on deposited money.
  • Increased the maximum bank account deposit balance to 50 million ($50,000,000).
  • Added a stat for Arms Race completion time.
  • Added the Arms Race completion time to /top.
  • Changed some of the vehicles that spawn in certain areas.
  • You can now buy armor inside of any ammunation.
  • You can remove weapons from your spawn loadout again by using /weapons or visiting any ammunation.
  • Changed some of the outputs of text replaced by using quickstrings.
  • Fixed a few broken radio station links in /radio. If you have suggestions for new radio links, post them on the forums!
  • Fixed a bug with using /leave in a non-TDM location.
  • Fixed a bug with respawning after duel spectating.
  • Fixed a bug with trying to join a group directly after leaving one.
  • Fixed a bug with trying to buy a house that was recently sold.
  • Increased the store clerk buy range a little bit.
  • When not in an arena or anywhere else, your default weapon on spawn is set to be the weapon in your shotgun weapon slot.
  • Fixed a minor bug with spawn protection in Weapon Arenas.
  • Fixed a lot of typos.
  • Fixed a few animations where they wouldn’t animate the player on the first attempt.
  • Fixed a lot of other minor bugs.