Build 148

Build 148 is now on the server.

What’s new / changed:

Arms Race Arena:

  • Added an Arms Race Arena (Gun Game).
  • You can access it by using /ar.
  • There are 13 different weapons you must progress through.
  • You must get 2 kills with each weapon to progress to the next weapon.
  • The order you progress through the weapons is completely random.


  • Added a setting to completely disable all model preview textdraws.
  • Added a setting to purchase a lotto number automatically (for 2x the cost of using /lotto – convenience pays).
  • Added account settings to /settings – Some of the options will be made available in a future update.
  • Fixed a few settings displaying Off when they should say On and vise versa.


  • Added /givedrugs to give drugs to other players.
  • Added a minor cooldown for players that like to constantly enter / exit interiors while shooting.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to get a random lotto number a player already picked.
  • Adjusted the starting and maximum lotto jackpot amounts.
  • Enabled every skin id for use except for special skins.