Build 146

Build 146 contains the following:

Bonus Player:

  • Entirely redid the Bonus Player Mission (its been the same since Version 1.0).
  • The Bonus Player Mission now goes on for a complete 2 minutes at a time.
  • A player is randomly selected upon start of the mission or if a player disconnects while being the bonus player.
  • For each kill you get while being the bonus player, you will receive extra score points and $5000.
  • If you kill the bonus player, you will receive money for killing the bonus player and you are the next bonus player.  You’ll then receive extra score points and $5000 per kill.
  • This is a repeating cycle until the Bonus Player Mission Ends.


  • Added new radio stations.
  • Removed a lot of radio streams that no longer worked.


  • Entirely redid the quickstring system.
  • A bunch of new quickstrings have been added.
  • Some existing quickstrings now display different data than before.
  • A few quickstrings have been changed to be shorter.
  • A full list of quickstrings can be found here.


  • Added /teleport [/tele] (Teleport Name) to teleport to a location by name.


  • Fixed a bug with the teleport listings in /commands.
  • Fixed a bug with the Team Deathmatch system.
  • Fixed a bug with /goto not teleporting you to another player.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.