Build 145

Build 145 is now on the server.

What’s new / changed:


  • Added new mission based system.
  • The bonus player, bonus skin, and bonus weapon event have been converted to missions.
  • A new mission will randomly be selected and will go on for 2 game minutes.
  • The player that beats the requirements will win the mission.
  • Added /mission to view the current mission information.
  • More missions will come later.

Laser Arena:

  • You can shoot lasers from your car to blow other drivers up in this arena.
  • Use /laser to teleport to this arena.
  • Use /leave to leave the arena at any time.

Spawn Points:

  • Added smooth spawning (no more quick second peeking at Blueberry Acres).
  • Spawning should be a lot faster in general.
  • Added new spawn points.


  • Lottery Winner Announcement is now at 21:00.
  • Money Bag Announcement is now at 18:00.
  • Converted a lot of old text to use the Screen Messaging system.
  • Added more business entrances.
  • Redid the logic behind how the Bonus Player is selected.
  • Fixed a bug with teleporting to Blueberry when using an exit point in the Driving School in SF.
  • Fixed a bug with the actor in the Derby Arena sometimes disappearing.
  • Fixed a zone name bug in Weapon Arenas.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs with Duel Spectating.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bonus Skin Mission was completely broken.
  • Fixed other minor bugs / typos.