Build 141

Build 141 is now on the server.


Clothing System:

  • The clothing system has been redone entirely.
  • All of the clothes are sorted by type.
  • You can wear up to 9 clothing items at one time.
  • You can edit your clothes by using /clothes or by visiting a clothing store.


  • Redid the teleport commands listings in /commands (select a number and it will teleport you there).
  • Redid the Team Deathmatch system.  You will only spot a minor difference at the point where you will have to select a location first.  Use /tdm to select a location.
  • Added animations to purchases from actors.
  • Fixed a bug with the purchase menus of actors.
  • House Sell Prices to the bank have been increased a little.
  • Adjusted drug purchase prices a little (buy more in quantity to receive a larger discount).
  • Fixed a bug with the Clan Tag System.
  • Fixed a few other bugs.