Build 140

Build 140 is now on the server.

What’s New:


  • Houses now have co-owners.
  • Owners of houses can toggle permissions that co-owners have in their house.
  • The wait time for breaking in a house is now per house instead of per player.
  • Houses can now have music played when a player enters their house (Valid URL required).


  • Just about all of the businesses from single player are now open.
  • All banks now use the Bank in Palomino Creek interior.
  • Added actors to almost all of these interiors.

Clan Tags:

  • You can now add a clan tag to your name easily.
  • This can be set by using /settings and then selecting Clan Tag.
  • It can be added, changed, and removed at any time.
  • Keep in mind, this does not change the name you use in the nickname box in the SA-MP browser, it changes your name once you login or update it via /settings.

What’s changed / fixed:

  • Enabled just about all of the skins SA-MP has to offer (except for a few special skins).
  • Pressing Escape at the login dialog will now give you a temporary name instead of kicking you from the server.
  • Other bugs / typos fixed.