Version 18

Version 18 is here.  This update changes a few things as well as adds new features.


  • Added achievements.
  • You will be notified when you unlock an achievement.
  • Use /achievements to display your currently unlocked achievements.
  • Use /achievements (Nick / ID) to view another player’s achievements.
  • A list of achievements will be added shortly.


  • Redid the entire vehicle loading system.
  • Some vehicles have been changed or removed all together.
  • Vehicles spawn with a bit more health now.


  • Removed lottery number selection.
  • All players are now automatically entered into the lottery.
  • Use /lotto for the current jackpot information.
  • Adjusted the minimum and maximum jackpot amounts.
  • Increased how much the lotto jackpot increases by.


  • Added a new streak named Massacre.
  • Kill 15 players without dying to be on a Massacre.

Bonus Skin Event:

  • A random skin ID is selected for the Bonus Skin Event.
  • Like the bonus weapon, use the randomly selected skin for extra score per kill.
  • The bonus skin alert will appear in a model preview unless you have model previews turned off.


  • Added /bike to teleport to the Bike Arena.
  • Drive-by with any vehicle classified as a bike in this arena.
  • Fixed a bug with the Derby Arena with vehicle damage.
  • Disabled /sit in the Drive By Arena.


  • You can now buy different amounts of drugs.
  • Adjusted some of the prices.
  • Continued testing / adjusting of the supply / demand rate added in a prior update.


  • Redid the entire C-Bug time challenge.
  • Multiple players can now challenge theirself for a C-Bug time challenge at one time.
  • Fastest C-Bug Time stats have been reset.


  • Redid a lot of spawning code for faster spawns.
  • The bonus player will no longer see the Bonus Player model preview.  Instead the bonus player will just get an alert.
  • Events such as the Bonus Skin, Bonus Weapon, etc. are now randomly selected by the server at different times.
  • Updated chat messages for players that have Screen Messages turned off.
  • Moved the Dillimore Teleport (/di) over a bit.
  • Fixed an issue with clothes not saving properly.
  • Removed Packet Loss from Netstats Textdraw.  It’s an inaccurate SA-MP function.  You can still use /info to view their packet loss (even though its inaccurate).
  • Fixed a player color bug where your color could be white while on a rampage.
  • Fixed a bug with menu recall at 24-7s.
  • Fixed bugs that affected players that had Screen Messages turned off.
  • Changed some of the colors of text on the server.
  • New textdraws.
  • Redid loading / saving of accounts, houses, etc.
  • Fixed a bug with moving textdraw menus up and down.
  • Fixed a bug with Spawn Protection in Weapon Arenas.
  • Other minor bug and issue fixes / optimizations.